organic fertiliser from cocoa shells

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Best organic quality in your own garden starts with the fertilizer

More and more people, particularly in cities, are rediscovering the joys of growing their own fruits and vegetables. Geraniums and tulips are increasingly ousted by their edible cousins, strawberries, tomatoes, and basil on balconies, window sills and front gardens. Furthermore, an increasing number of urban backyard gardeners are keen to grow their fruits, vegetables and herbs with their health and the environment in mind. When eating their self-grow rocket they enjoy it more, knowing that it is organic.

Innovative organic fertilizer from waste

The main ingredients of BLÜMCHENFUTTER and PIMP MY GÄRTCHEN are the shells of cocoa nuts from controlled organic cultivation. Cocoa is processed in large quantities in Germany, generating a huge amount of previously unused waste - which we thought would be too valuable to throw it away.


The cocoa shells we use are a waste product of a Berlin-based chocolate producer, which we reuse and manufacture locally.


Our fertilisers are made from 100% plant-based waste products, closing the nutrient loop by providing essential plant nutrients to the soil and new plants.


Our production system is energy efficient. Our packaging is made of recycled materials and we use a CO2-neutral postal delivery option.

GreenLab is founded on our passion for gardening!

In 2013, we launched our innovative organic fertilisers " BLÜMCHENFUTTER " and "PIMP MY GÄRTCHEN". With its innovative business idea, GreenLab Berlin has already won several start-ups and ideas contests.

About Greenlab
GreenLab is founded on our passion for gardening!

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