Small balcony, big flowers!

You want to have your own Mediterranean herb garden on your window sill? Grow a sea of flowers on your balcony and make your front yard the envy of your neighbours? Or grow your own urban tomatoes, peas or strawberries? BLÜMCHENFUTTER is here to help you to provide optimal nutrition for your plants.



BLÜMCHENFUTTER is an organic all plant-based liquid fertiliser, that reuses the remnants of cocoa shells that accrue during chocolate production. Get a great bloom without any synthetic ingredients and know for sure that your fruits, veggies and herbs are fully organic. Apportioning is easy, with our dosing cap, allowing you to add BLÜMCHENFUTTER straight to your watering can.

How often you need to fertilise depends on how hungry your plants are. Tomatoes and sunflowers cannot get enough of BLÜMCHENFUTTER, while peas, onions or primrose are just occasional connoisseurs.


Product information

Organic solid fertiliser made of 100 % organic raw materials, suitable for flowers, foliage plants and agricultural crops.
Storage and safety advice:
Store between +5° to +20° C and protected from direct sunlight. Keep product out of the reach of pets and children. Product is unfit for human consumption. Not suitable for indoor plants.

Content details: N-P-K 3-0,6-4,5