Idea and philosophy

At the beginning, there was the joy of gardening

During our research in the agricultural and horticultural sciences, we observed two new trends. More and more people, particularly in the cities, are rediscovering the joys of growing their own fruits and vegetables. Geraniums and tulips are increasingly ousted by their edible cousins, strawberries, tomatoes, and basil on balconies, window sills and front gardens. Furthermore, an increasing number of urban backyard gardeners are keen to grow their fruits, vegetables and herbs with their health and the environment in mind. When eating their self-grow rocket they enjoy it more, knowing that it is organic.

In order to provide these city farmers, as well as ornamental gardeners with ecological products, to drive their botanical ambitions, we have established GREENLAB BERLIN. The GREENLAB BERLIN team has a strong academic research background with versatile expertise in the development and research of ecologically and environmentally friendly horticulture products.


Our research work

For our products, we apply the circular economy concept, where the waste product of one industry becomes the raw material of another. We do this by recycling waste products from the food industry in an innovative and environmentally friendly process. The main ingredients of BLÜMCHENFUTTER and PIMP MY GÄRTCHEN are shells of cocoa from controlled organic cultivation. Cocoa is processed in large quantities in Germany for chocolate production, generating a huge amount of waste – which we think would be wrong to throw away. Through thorough research GREENLAB BERLIN succeeded in processing the valuable ingredients from the cocoa shells to manufacture in accordance with ecological guidelines, a liquid and a solid plant fertiliser.

In addition, we use recycled packaging and consider ecological sustainability in every aspect of our business development.





Setting the standard for sustainable gardening in the urban environment




Our mission is to get people excited about gardening and provide safe and sustainable horticultural products, that are great for both people and the environment

We will achieve this by focusing on and committing to:

  • Providing sustainable products and information to foster and inspire sustainable gardening practices
  • Strengthen all types of urban gardening through education, networking, advocacy and business support, promoting urban gardening across Germany and globally
  • Inform and educate people, with a focus on youth, about the positive effects of greening the city and protecting its biodiversity
  • Follow the cradle to cradle principle, where biological nutrients are recycled or reused
  • Being transparent on how we apply our triple bottom line – planet, people and profit – approach
  • Being an engaged partner in the circular economy, and help further the concept by example
  • Further develop our list of ethical and green products, expanding our business and extending our horizons